Tom Rau team member photo
Director of Revenue Operations

Tom Rau

Tom is a sales and revenue operations efficiency junkie. With a resume that includes 10 years of sales leadership in SaaS organizations (Cavallo, Envoy B2B, PairSoft), he has seen (and solved) just about every sales and customer success execution issue in the book. Tom thrives in what he likes to call the “messy middle,” which is the tipping point that all growth-focused companies cross when they decide to start taking their revenue operations to the next level.

As a senior sales leader, Tom has managed large revenue-focused teams including both pre and post sales functions such as new and existing sales, customer success, and sales engineering. He has extensive experience implementing, enabling, and managing his teams with tools like Salesforce (CPQ), HubSpot, Gong, Outreach, and Tableau, to name a few.

In his role as Director of Revenue Operations at 1 Bold Step, Tom ensures that the marketing and sales departments are in lockstep and that everything “after the lead” is executed at a high level. While this certainly includes new customer acquisition, it truly spans across all revenue lines, including services/delivery execution, customer success, existing customer growth (expansion), and customer retention.