Building Your Brand With 1 Bold Step

Left brain meets right brain. Your brand is more than a logo. It’s the story it weaves in the minds of your customers when they see or hear about you. When you work with 1 Bold Step, you’ll develop a consistent, hard working brand that aligns with and supports your growth goals. Afterall, a brand without a strategy is pretty, but a professional brand that helps you meet your goals is pretty pragmatic.

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Creative Services


Persona/Positioning Work

What problems do you solve and for who? This process identifies pain points paired with solutions alongside determining the target audience or niche industries. Understanding your ideal client serves as a great foundation for a successful strategic marketing plan.

Unique Selling Proposition

Are you ready to launch a new brand, product, or service line? At a minimum you should be able to list 3 unique selling points that differentiate your offer from the competition’s. This process helps sales and marketing get on the same page, making your value clear and concise, fueling future campaigns and content.

Brand Messaging

This workshop guides your team through a 7-step framework that tells your story and clarifies marketing messaging. Deliverables include your elevator pitch, sales scripts, and a guide to clearer communication with clients. This is the base story that drives all other marketing materials.

Website Design and Development

Whether you need a refresh or are building from scratch, a website is the marketing hub and one of the most powerful tools in your kit. Research Shows Websites Influence 97% of Clients’ Purchasing Decisions (HubSpot). This process leads you through pre-planning, platform selection, site map/architecture, design, content, page development, launch protocols, and functionality integration. 

Brand & Logo Assessments

Consistency is key – this process includes a review of both print and digital applications and how the logo and brand elements are being used. A usage guideline should be developed to identify key elements: logo mark or icon usage, approved color palette, defined fonts, and overall thematic style with supporting elements. 

Voice Exercise

This exercise is ideal to gather information to describe a team, its products, and services. Key employees and stakeholders get involved to answer an online survey then the results are compiled and presented to kick off a project or campaign.

Your Next Step Should be Bold

Does your brand support your growth goals and communicate your unique value proposition?