Why Hire a Full-time CMO When You Only Need One 15% of the Time?

A fully staffed, modern marketing department needs a variety of people with unique skills. But most companies don’t need all of those people all of the time.

Get access to the skills you need without having to hire them.

We become… 

An extension of your marketing team

We build the roadmap and identify the skills gaps with you. Then we fully integrate with your team to fill those gaps.


The Fractional CMO creates and maintains your company’s marketing strategy, aligned to organizational goals,  from start to finish.

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director manages the strategy and makes sure that the execution of the plan stays aligned and on schedule.

Technical Marketer

Every marketing team needs a tech guru. They run digital campaigns, manage the martech stack, and report the results, according to your KPIs.

Marketing Specialist

This is your department’s main executer. Making sure that everything gets done. From content creation to event execution.

Bold benefits

A full team. A fraction of the cost.

With a fractional marketing team, you’re only paying for what you need. Unlike full-time employees, a fractional team will work as you need them to work. This removes the need to pay full-time salaries, benefits, health care, paid time off, bonuses, and more.

Bold Accessibility

Get access to ONLY the skills you need. 


Each team member is highly skilled in their area of expertise. There’s no need to hire a generalist who can “do it all.” You’ll get a team of 10+ specialists and subject matter experts to do the jobs they excel at. 

Bold Teamwork

Fully integrated into your current team.


We won’t step on any toes or look to replace your current marketing team. A fractional team simply fills the current gaps and works as an extension of the team you already have.

Bold Accountability

Live and Die by the KPI


Most agencies will market for you, but how many will close the loop to prove that something worked or not? Whether we’re generating leads, creating brand awareness, or better positioning your service… We will live and die by the KPIs we set with you.

We have worked with other marketing firms – 1 Bold Step is by far the best value we have seen. If you are looking for the best, search no more.

Mike Schipper

CEO, InsITe Business Solutions

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