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Brandon Lawson

Providing sustainable and innovative solutions through people, process, and technology — this business methodology stuck with Brandon since he first started his career until today. Starting out in Sales Development, Brandon found his passion within the MarTech space by developing processes and leveraging tools to provide the most value for himself and others on the team. This love for tech only grew, as he moved into a technical Revenue Operations role where he received a Salesforce Administration certification. However, the technology landscape is forever changing, which only piqued Brandon’s curiosity more. He continued to explore other systems within the market such as HubSpot, honing his skills within the HubSpot platform and holding multiple HubSpot certifications.

Technology can’t operate without the people. People are what make technology. Due to this, Brandon takes an objective-based approach to projects and technology by always putting the clients and stakeholders goals at the center of everything. He also believes in the importance of feedback and involvement — keeping the goal, the why, and the end users at the forefront.

Brandon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Communication from Aquinas College and a Master of Science degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University.