Team photo of Abigail Bakhuyzen
Marketing Coordinator

Abigail Bakhuyzen

Abigail’s dedication to strategic marketing comes from her desire to see the successful results of her work. Building a company’s online presence from the ground up taught her the power of results-driven marketing and what it takes to generate leads. The artistry it takes for a true story to transform your perspective is one of the things she loves most about writing. The passion is a building block for finding the true voice of your client.

As 1 Bold Step’s Marketing Coordinator, Abigail’s role is to successfully execute marketing campaigns, ensuring project deliverables are completed on time while maximizing all assets created. In everything she does, her main goal is to bring the client’s vision to life and showcase their brand to the perfect target audience.

Abigail has a Bachelor’s degree in Interpersonal Communication with a minor in Public Relations from Michigan State University. Go Green!


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