Your Fractional Marketing Team

Why hire a full time CMO, when you only need one 15% of the time?

A fully staffed, modern marketing department needs a variety of people with unique skill sets. But most companies don’t need all of those people all of the time.

Get access to the skills you need without having to hire them.

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An Extension of Your Marketing Team

We build the roadmap and identify the skills’ gaps with you. Then we fully integrate with your team to fill those gaps.



The Fractional CMO creates and maintains your company’s marketing strategy, aligned to organizational goals,  from start to finish.

Marketing Director


The Marketing Director manages the strategy and makes sure that the execution of the plan stays aligned and on schedule.  

Technical Marketer


Every marketing team needs a tech guru. The Technical Marketer runs digital campaigns, manages the martech stack, and reports the results, according to your KPIs. .

Marketing Specialist


The Marketing Specialist is your hands-on, task-driven marketer, making sure everything that needs to get done is getting done. From content creation to event execution, they are the department’s workhorse.

A full team.

A fraction of the cost.

With a fractional marketing team, you’re paying only for what you need. Unlike full-time employees, a fractional team will work as you need them to work. This removes the need to pay full-time salaries, benefits, health care, paid time off, bonuses, and more.

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Get access to the skills you need. Without having to hire them.

Each team member is highly skilled in their area of expertise. There’s no need to hire a generalist who can “do it all”. You’ll get a team of 10+ specialists and subject matter experts to do the jobs they excel at. 

Fully integrated into your current team.

We won’t step on any toes or look to replace your current marketing team. A fractional team simply fills the current gaps and works as an extension of your marketing team. Not as a replacement.

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Live and die by the KPI.

Because fractional marketing teams are contractors, you’ll find that we are eager to achieve the goals that are set for us. Generating leads, creating brand awareness, or to better position your product/service… Your fractional marketing team will live and die by the KPI’s they do (or don’t) produce for you.

After all, that’s why you hire them in the first place! 

We have worked with other marketing firms – 1 Bold Step is by far the best value we have seen. If you are looking for the best, search no more.

Mike Schipper

CEO, InsITe Business Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we hire you just to create content?

You sure can! We develop and execute on editorial calendars and content for clients across a range of industries and markets.

However, we believe everything we do has to be aligned with your organization’s strategic goals. We can create content, but we’ll recommend time up front to make sure that you’ve optimized your SEO so that the content hits the mark

What do the first 30 days of work look like?

In the first 30 days, we will spend a significant amount of time implementing and aligning marketing processes and systems. Making sure that we don’t run into system errors throughout the year. We will also set up reporting dashboards, and get started on your highest-priority items. You should meet with us 2-4 times the first month and biweekly following.

How involved do I get to be in the creation of the marketing plan?

We work as an extension of our client’s teams. So as much as we lead the charge, we look very much into the input of our teams and expect full collaboration. While you will be hands-off in execution you get to be all hands on deck for the development of the strategy.

How many hours a month will I need you?

Hour time with your organization will be based on your organizational goals, the marketing plan, and the time needed to accomplish it. The bigger the goal, the more time you will need us. But we can dial the marketing up and down to fit your needs.

Do you do design work?

We don’t do pretty… but we can fix something that is broken. If you need design work done during the duration of our relationship we have plenty of recommendations and trusted vendors to help us along the way. We just won’t do that work in-house.

What positions can you fractionally fill for our team?

We can fill a wide range of positions like: CMO, Director of Marketing, Digital Marketing Manager, Content Creator, SEO Specialist, Sales Consultant, Sales Manager, Systems Admin, and HubSpot Admin.

What is your average ROI for your clients?

For first-year clients, we expect to see a 2.5x return on marketing investment. For second and third-year clients that average should grow between 4-6x your marketing spend.

What if we already have a strategic marketing plan?

Although we urge all of our clients to build a strategic plan with us, we are happy to get involved with what you already have and help you execute. We are an extension of your organization. Not a replacement.

But we strongly recommend it! A team that gets to weigh in will also buy in to the plan. And our plans are aligned with the overall business strategy, making marketing efforts more strategic too.

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