Give us 6-8 hours with your team and we will give you a Strategic Marketing Plan that prepares you for the next year based on best practices.

Your Strategic Marketing Plan Includes:


A visual, one-page marketing plan summary with enough detail to be easily understood, including focus areas and KPIs


A prioritized approach to all tactics (for the next 12 months+) with timelines, owners, and execution details


An estimated, annual marketing budget


A demand generation funnel to estimate the number of leads needed to support revenue goals

The Workshop Overview

Who should attend? This depends on the size of your organization, but typically the more; the merrier holds true. The CEO should be involved with the high-level goal-setting at a minimum but is welcome to stay for the whole session. A Sales leader should also be present for the majority of the workshop to weigh in on the funnel development, lead hand-off, and goal-setting. And of course; the whole marketing team, including contractors if applicable, should plan on attending the whole time.

Why do we need 6-8 hours? That seems like a long meeting. It’s simple: People who weigh in, buy in. Our process moves along quickly and keeps everyone engaged. It’s really important that we don’t hurry the brainstorming sessions or miss someone’s perspective on what is/is not important. It’s worth the time to ensure everyone is going to be on the same page and excited to execute the plan.

Won’t we get hungry? Don’t worry; we’ll work with you to make sure we’ve got nutritious snacks, beverages, and a plan for a working lunch.

What do we need to bring? An open mind. We’ll bring the Post-it notes, ice-breakers, and lots of energy to keep the team engaged. If you have a large conference room with whiteboards and/or wall space that’s great. If not; we’ll host!

What does it cost? $7500. At the end of the session, you’ll have everything you need to get marketing.  And if we’ve identified some tactics that are beyond your team’s skill set, you have an option to use our skilled marketers as your “Marketing Bench.”  We specialize in offering flexible, fractional marketing teams that augment your marketing department. We’ll work with your current team to execute the full plan and even score ourselves against the KPIs we set together.

“If you aim at nothing

you will hit it every time.”

Zig Ziegler is credited with this quote but we say it all the time when we’re talking with clients about their marketing goals. That’s why we start almost every engagement with a Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop that sets out a 12-month strategic marketing plan, complete with key performance indicators (KPIs) that will prove marketing’s value to your organization.

The Workshop Deliverables

1. Review and understanding of the overall corporate goals and focus areas over the next 12 months (or to align with the company’s fiscal year); summarized in the marketing plan for alignment purposes.

2. Background/discovery work on current competitors & ideal clients as well as an overview of current sales and marketing systems and what they are used for.

3. Determination of  4-6 marketing focus areas for the next 12 months (or to align with the fiscal year-end), ensuring that marketing is working on the right things, helping the client reach their overall goals.

4. Determination of which marketing initiatives and campaigns, from digital to traditional, need to be executed per focus area to reach goals. This results in the creation of a marketing execution plan (spreadsheet) that includes:

• Focus Areas
• Campaigns, initiatives & tasks
• Owner & contributor(s)
• Due dates
• Priorities
• Budget
• Notes

5. Determination of a few, KPIs (key performance indicators) that marketing will be measured on to gauge the success of the plan.

6. Creation of a high-level content plan (topics for blogs and campaigns based on a keyword assessment)

7. Creation of a ROMI funnel to predict how many Leads, MQL, and SQL will be required to help the client  reach their revenue goal/new client goal

8. Creation of a visual “1-page marketing plan.”

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

“As an innovative and fast-moving technology company, we appreciated how 1 Bold Step’s Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop helped us get ALL of our ideas out in the open so that we could organize them, prioritize them, and build a tactical plan we could follow.”


Dir. Marketing and Sales Operations, Tech Heads

“As a very fast growing recruiting agency we needed a plan that could be dialed up and down quickly to match our internal capacity. It was also really important to me that the marketing plan justified the marketing spend, with clear ROMI tracking on all initiatives. The Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop with 1 Bold Step helped us get all of our ideas outlined and created a budget that made sense while also creating really clear alignment between sales and marketing.”


CEO, AEBetancourt

“Creating a marketing plan for a start-up is extremely challenging, especially when you are in the high-tech (AI) software space like Davista. Most marketing companies wouldn’t understand what we do, much less help us line up a 12-month plan and budget that helps us execute what we can today while positioning us to pivot when needed to match new markets as our product develops. 1 Bold Step’s Strategic Marketing Plan Workshop gave us exactly what we needed.”


Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Davista

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